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Strategic Demolition Mastery in Glen Eden by 09 Building Company

At 09 Building Company, our recent Glen Eden project in West Auckland stands as a prime example of our commitment to strategic and professional demolition services. Our crew, armed with expertise and the latest technology, embarked on this significant demolition project with a focus on precision and safety.

As we navigated through the initial stages of demolition, our team’s professionalism was front and center. We meticulously planned and executed the dismantling of the existing structures, ensuring every action was aligned with our high standards and compliance requirements.

Currently, we’re in the midst of stage 2 out of 3, paused momentarily as we await council consents to proceed with the removal of the remaining framing. This pause is a critical step in our project’s lifecycle, reflecting our dedication to legality and safety standards. Our proactive approach in securing all necessary permissions demonstrates our commitment to doing things right, avoiding any setbacks that could arise from oversight.

The Glen Eden project is a testament to 09 Building Company’s expertise in managing complex demolition tasks. Our team’s ability to smash through challenges while maintaining professionalism and efficiency showcases our capabilities in transforming landscapes and paving the way for new developments. We’re excited to move forward with the next phase of demolition, ready to continue making significant strides in revitalizing West Auckland’s Glen Eden area.

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Demolition, Roof removal.

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